05-May-2013 Stuff And Nonsense


We’ve had a couple of quotes for home improvement work which we’re planning for sometime in the next month or so. Anyone know a good driveway block paver? And our Inbox brought us a request for album recording in our Blue Room as well as good news regarding a potential gig (we’ll keep you posted once it’s finalised). Things are certainly keeping us very busy.

This week promises good things… the sun is shining and it’s a lovely day for one (or two) of our regular walks. Our calorie intake awareness and increased exercise have seen us losing pounds/kilos since September/October (even allowing for the occasional splurge at our favourite local Chinese restaurant).

Monday will see us heading over the Scottish border to Glenfarg Folk Club… Val will be doing a spot of temping on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… Friday morning we should find the BT engineer hammering on our door eager to set us up for fibre broadband… then time for a little tinker with the settings after he’s gone before heading into Newcastle for some shopping… Friday evening we’ll be at the Taylor Guitars roadshow at Guitar Guitar in Newcastle (just looking, not planning to buy!)… sometime on Saturday we may well get along to the Taylor Guitars ‘Find Your Fit’ event at the same venue.


So there’s poor old Jimmy struggling with back pain… OK, let’s make an appointment with our local GP… a seven day wait before an available slot… so be it, struggle on… in the meantime John and Eileen Jeffrey recommend Arnica (a “homeopathic medicinal treatment” according to the packaging)… six days on and it’s certainly getting better – severe pains now reduced to dull but consistent ache… doctor’s appointment eventually… doctor suggests a physiotherapy consultation… earliest available is two weeks away… initial consultation will be BY TELEPHONE… and then, no doubt a two week wait for physical appointment if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

Stuff and nonsense indeed.

But, in all honesty, life is good… very very good

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