28-Apr-2013 Even More Stuff

As we keep saying, life is good…

We remember the days when LG was ‘Lucky Goldstar’ – but the company have changed their LG to be Life’s Good… and, sure enough, Val’s twin 24 inch LG monitors are now firmly established on her desk and indeed looking good with all that extra screen real estate to play with.

Jimmy’s new soundcard (Asus Xonar D2X) is, after much tinkering, installed and performing superbly… in addition to power from the PCI-e bus it also needed juice from the PC power supply. This entailed buying splitter/adapters and extension cables and much fiddling about with plugging and unplugging and re-routing data and power cables in the desktop PC case, but all is well… so much so that he’s dug out an old pair of Mission M31 bookshelf speakers to add to the ones he was already using. He’s a happy bunny… except…

Well, technology is good… music is good… life is good… but health is proving a wee bit awkward at the mo. In fact, we’re taking a bit of a forced break for a few days to help him over recurring back pains etc. If it wasn’t so painful it would be comically ironic to see us pull up at a care home for a performance, and then watch Jimmy gingerly squeeze out of the car grasping the door for support as the pain kicks in – he’s been looking in worse shape than some of the residents lately! But now we’ll have to see what we can do about it; doctor, chiropractor, pills, rest, exercise – who knows what might give the best results?

Latest ‘stuff’ news is that we’ve just ordered an upgrade from standard broadband to fibre-to-the-cabinet and should see whopping great increases to both download and upload speeds. That ought to complete our march into 21st century technology for now – smartphones, tablets, fibre broadband – whatever could possibly be next?

Keep smiling…

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