14-Apr-2013 Stuff

Val has a (dare I say it) significant birthday this year and Jimmy has been planning, and researching and buying in advance of the big day (it’s still a few months away, but one has to be prepared).

Our friends at Amazon have always delivered good products at great prices, and customer service has always been stellar on the rare occasion that things have not been 100%¬† to our satisfaction they have swiftly put things right. An item (can’t say too much, Val might be listening) purchased in advance of the aforementioned birthday arrived in less than pristine condition and so Jimmy opted for an on-line chat with a customer services rep to explain the problemette… so far so good… until… “I am sorry I am unable to view your account due to some technical issue. In this case I request you to please contact us again”… ah, well, so be it. Maybe tomorrow then.

So, what else have we been up to? The stuff of everyday life has demanded some recent attention – for example… car insurance is due for renewal at the end of the month, so we’ve busied ourselves with getting quotes from other insurers, but our Tesco renewal still seems the best value so far… maybe we should just stick with that and use our valuable time on other things. Hmmm… house insurance has also been much on our minds of late too. In addition to the usual buildings and contents stuff there’s also the guitars to consider. We’re currently insured with Saga (OK, go on then, let’s get your age-related wiseguy quips out of the way) – they were the only company we found willing to cover the amount we needed for instruments both inside and outside the house and while performing and travelling etc. We’ve been researching alternatives, but so far haven’t found anything suitable… any suggestions?


And the music? What of the singer/songwriter duo with that gentle blend? Five performances in four days – can’t be bad… three return visits and two new. A thoroughly enjoyable week was rounded off nicely with a night off to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby at Darlington Folk Club, and then our two performances on Friday – the second being our half hour set as support¬† for Kieran Halpin at Reeth Memorial Hall.

There’s been no time for recording, but we produced a Limited Edition taster CD which includes nine songs (the majority of which should eventually be on the full “Flip Side” album) – whimsically titled “They diven’t blaah yer lugs off”, it’s been going down rather well. And, of course, all official jiva recordings are also available from our website music page (www.jiva.co.uk/music.htm) either as individual or album downloads, existing physical CD, or Pick’n’Mix physical CD where you choose which of our tracks you’d like on CD and we do the rest! Hopefully we’ll be back in the Blue Room for more recording through the rest of April, so there may be more new tracks available soon.

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