07-Apr-2013 Sun Day

Has Spring sprung? At last? It’s a sunny Sunday, and not a sign of snow or frost or rain. Everything seems so much better when the sun shines.

It’s been that sort of ‘sunshiney’ week – being woken by early morning phone calls is not usually our favourite way of waking up, but phone calls offering us gigs are a great way to start the day. Sort of puts a spring in the step and reinforces our ‘life is good’ philosophy.

It’s not been ultra busy on the performing front (only three outings), but we enjoyed every one of them… Sunderland, Wallsend and North Stainley. Like our recent Thank Folk It’s Friday gig at Woodhorn, playing in the North Stainley Village Hall meant we could take the full Bose L1 system… bliss… we love the sound, the clarity, the projection to even the far corners without excessive volume ‘on stage’ or for those in the audince with ‘front row’ seats.

North Stainley Setup 500w

Our setup at North Stainley with the Bose L1 model 2
6 andĀ 12-string guitars, two tenor ukuleles, U-BassĀ ukulele, harmonica, glockenspiel, cowbell

Looking ahead to next week, we’re booked to play at four places – care homes in Choppington, Forest Hall and Whickham… plus we’re the support act for Kieran Halpin at Reeth Memorial Hall on Friday 12th. In between times we’re heading off to Darlington Folk Club to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby.

Yes, life is good

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