24-Mar-2013 Use It Or Lose It

Poster2Gigs such as last night’s performance at Newbrough Town Hall are a constant reminder of how much musical talent is out there and the amount of hard work put in by organisers, promoters, sound personnel, volunteers et al.

Performers ranged in age from 14 to at least 60s, genres covered everything from Geordie music hall to singer/songwriter with blues, pop, jazz and traditional folk tunes too! Quite a variety to pack into one night. Well done one and all!

So, like the many good folks in and around Newbrough, get along and support your local community venues – you won’t regret it.


Last week we promised you another jiva upload, and here it is. The Cause was written and first performed in 2004 – it remained in our setlists for three and a half years, but was edged out as new songs came along and we thought it was lost to the archives. Val’s U-Bass inspired a new arrangement:

For those unable to see the embedded SoundCloud player above, here’s the link:
The Cause by jiva uk

Coco02bHow many guitars is too many? Some would say ‘If you can count them, you don’t have enough’ while others espouse ‘If you don’t play it regularly, you shouldn’t have it’. We’re leaning more towards the second opinion… and have decided we ought to let one of our Taylors go. It’s an absolute beaut but, Jimmy is spoiled for choice between his Taylor 6-strings – ‘Rio’ (Brazilian Rosewood 910CE-L7) and ‘Jacques’ (Brazilian Rosewood 914CE-L7), and so ‘Coco’ (Cocobolo Custom Jumbo) is in need of a home where he will be played more often than in the jiva camp.

We won’t go on about the impressive specs, build quality, beautiful sound and looks – we’ve listed Coco on eBay for all to see:

And there’s a photo slideshow on our website:

Use it or lose it – ’nuff said…

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