03-Mar-2013 Beta Testing

Not long now – the refreshed jiva website design (begun and publicised at the turn of the year) is done. Content is in place, design aesthetics finalised, testing is underway on different devices and browsers, slight tweaks being made, more testing, maybe another tweak or two, and then comes the launch.

We’re pleased to report that initial reactions from early reviewers has been very positive – and, like our recent musical developments, we believe we’ve retained the original jiva charm while changing up a gear.

In last week’s blog we had “They diven’t blaah yer lugs off” – this week we’re including included another cute little character listening to our music (you can tell it’s jiva ‘cos the notes are purple!).


Countdown is go, the clock is ticking, launch sequence initiated…

10… 9… 8… 7…

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