10-Feb-2013 Cobbler’s Children

Cobblers Children Syndrome really does exist (‘Psychology Today’ even has an article on the subject) – it relates to people who are good/successful at doing something for others but don’t apply those skills as much for themselves. For example:

  • a painter and decorator who never decorates their own house
  • an accountant who never gets their tax returns in on time
  • a web designer whose own website is never complete and always out of date
  • PR firms that no-one has heard of

No doubt you can come up with countless others – do let us know of any funny/ironic examples.

Having recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and produced albums for contemporaries we still find it difficult to set aside enough time for our own projects – the next jiva album has a working title of ‘Flip Side’ and we’re slowly pulling together the songs for it… who knows, we may even get it finished this year!

Similarly, the jiva website – being the first jiva-designed project – reflected our skillset at the time… boundless enthusiasm, cautious use of technology we were just beginning to dabble with and very limited design experience. Over the years we’ve undertaken commissions from fellow artists, writers, folk clubs, shops, etc… and we’ve hopefully improved our technical skills, developing an understanding of design principles along the way.

We recently launched a mobile version of the website only for phone and tablet users. It was an interesting challenge – we were aiming for a design that was eye-catching, fresh, uncluttered, with enough content to be interesting and useful while avoiding bloat and information overload… and, of course it had to retain the quintessential purple jivanessence.

We’ve long thought about a design refresh for the main jiva website, and the work we’d done on the mobile site provided the springboard to get down to it – there’ll be a consistency of graphical elements across both sites with a cleaner and, hopefully, more immediate presentation while still being familiar to those who have regularly visited our existing site. You can see a sneak preview of the new 2013 design (which seems to look OK on phones and tablets too) – there will be changes and some surprises in store… we can’t tell you about them yet – otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise.


Cobblers? Us? Nah!

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