27-Jan-2013 Spring Has Sprung

That might be a slight exaggeration… but the sun is shining, the snow has melted, and we’re almost through the first month of the year.

It’s been a funny old week – four care home performances meant we were out and about and in among the white stuff, everything from the occasional light flake or three up to blizzard-like conditions with slush and snow carpeting underfoot and underwheel. Undeterred, we braved the elements and didn’t miss a single show… if memory serves us right, we’ve never had to cancel due to weather… on a couple of occasions way back in the dim and distant past we’ve had to give in to illness, but that is preferable to spreading germs.

We had hoped to be well on the way with recording the latest jiva creation, “Long Time Gone”, but red light recording syndrome (RLRS) has got the better of Jimmy a few times on that song. Dang it! The song is almost there – the lyrics are bedded in, Val has the bass line well sorted, Jimmy plays the guitar part mostly correct (except when RLRS kicks in). We’ll probably have it in our live set within the next week or two.

recording cartoon

Onwards and upwards, or even sideways …

Any which way but down !

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