30-Dec-2012 Facts And Figures, Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

If you were (un)lucky enough not to have received the jiva end-of-year 2012 newsletter you can read/download the PDF version.

So, what exactly have we been up to over the past 12 months?

  • 134 performances (this includes an upcoming New Year’s Eve performance)
  • 1185 song sings
    averaging out at 9 songs (OK, 8.8432835821 to be more precice) per performance

Of those 134 performances there were

  • 84 care homes
  • 14 folk club singers nights
  • 9 official festival slots
  • 6 concerts/fundraisers where we either topped or shared the billing with others
  • 5 buskers / open mic nights
  • 5 house/garden parties
  • 3 folk club jiva guest nights
  • 3 floor spots on folk club other-guest/hotspot nights
  • 2 cafe performances
  • 2 official support slots for fully-pro guest artists (Allan Taylor, Claire Hamill)
  • 1 radio show (Radio Teesdale)

6 songs added to the jiva repertoire (3 self-penned)

  • Big Floppy Hats (Steve & Kristi Nebel)
  • Daisy Bell – Bicycle Made For Two (Harry Dacre)
  • Lately (jiva)
  • Long Time Gone (jiva) – work in progress, arrangement being worked on
  • Meet Me On The Corner (Rod Clements – Lindisfarne)
  • My PC’s Writing Better Songs Than Me (jiva)

3 songs recorded

  • Lately (barebones acoustic and also full production versions)
  • Big Floppy Hats
  • Meet Me On The Corner

1 video made

  • Meet Me On The Corner

What do these numbers tell us?

We play in public between 2 and 3 times per week (OK then, 2.5769230769 times)

  • 63% are care homes
  • 16% are folk clubs
  • 7% are festivals

It seems that we should accelerate our writing/learning new songs – we really must get down to spending a serious amount of time recording, and perhaps allocate more time to producing videos…

Maybe we have too many numbers, and need to get out more.

  •  (more numbers anyone?)…


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