23-Dec-2012 Every Silver Lining…

Silver linings have certainly been plentiful this week…

Among the Christmas card deliveries was a CD from Keith Taylor (boss man at Cramlington Folk Club). The album ‘An Evening With Good Folk’ is a celebration of the club’s 40th anniversary with contributions from residents – 15 of the 16 tracks were recorded and produced by Sean Taylor. The exception? Yup, you guessed it… our song ‘Lately’ is a jiva Blue Room production.

Lately by jiva uk

‘Lately’ also brought us another silver lining as it was commended in the 2012 UK Songwriting Competition (‘Country Music’ category) – the score indicated that “the writer(s) demonstrated genuine songwriting ability and understanding, having above average composition skills and that the song nearly made it into the semi finals“. And, even better ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ was a semi-finalist in the ‘Open’ category, “…considered by the judges to be among the strongest songs in the contest.! ! ! We’re happy to have done so well and we unreservedly congratulate not only the winners but also the thousands of other entrants from all around the world.

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For those whose RSS feed doesn’t seem to like video content, here’s the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jm-5Jgc8Qg

It’s been a busy week on the live music front (Friday saw us performing twice on the same day) – multiple silver linings complete with jiva in Christmas party mode even singing ‘Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ (whatever next?), wonderful and heartwarming singing along to our ‘Silent Night’, ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’, and some very spirited helping out with ‘No Nay Never (Wild Rover parody)’ and ‘Folkie Lament’… especially the ‘damn!’ at the end of choruses. Oh, and not forgetting a present of chocolates for us and some alcoholic beverage and Christmas cake to help enjoy party moments too… Memories for all to treasure.

But, alas, in order to have a silver lining there has to be a cloud. So, what could possibly cloud this wonderful week?

Jacques (Jimmy’s wonderful Taylor 914CE-L7 Limited Edition Brazilian Rosewood 6-string guitar) is still not back from Taylor’s Amsterdam facility… we’ve never had to wait for the full two weeks and it’s now 17 days since we took him in. Newcastle GuitarGuitar manager Jon promises to ring us on Monday (Christmas Eve) with an update on the situation… ooh, err, hope that doesn’t sound too ominous.

Next week’s blog will include our end of year roundup. Until then, have a merry Old Fashioned Christmas

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