09-Dec-2012 The Clock Is Ticking…

Before we get on to new subject matter, we thought we’d update you on the recent sagas:

Kala U-Bass Strings saga: arrived promptly from the USA manufacturer – cheaper and quicker than buying them from UK online companies… go figure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 saga: still no return phone call from the company so that we can give them back their second refund to us!

Harmonica holder saga: a rip-roaring success. Works well, goes down well. Great!

The countdown is now definitely underway – all systems are go for our 2013 USA trip:

  • CLICK – San Diego accommodation booked
  • CLICK – Grand Canyon Railway trip and accommodation booked
  • CLICK – Flights booked
  • CLICK – Accommodation in Prescott requested
  • CLICK – Accommodation in Blythe booked
  • CLICK – Car hire booked

It’s amazing what can be achieved with the help of computer technology – we’ve researched, Google mapped, streetviewed, YouTubed, emailed and all that good stuff (and of course, paid online too) – oh, and only one phone call speaking to a real live person!

Still to sort out:

  • Potential helicopter and jeep Grand Canyon tour – eeek!!!
  • Overnight accommodation in Winslow (“standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see…”)
  • Last night Surprise before flying back from Phoenix

But before all that… time is relentlessy moving on towards Christmas and New Year, and the jiva calendar for December 2012 is pleasantly plump with numerous performances, parties and such-like. It will be an exhausting, but enjoyable month surrounded by old friends and new ones we’ve yet to meet.

Guitar update 1: We’ve decided to sell Coco (Custom Build Cocobolo Jumbo 6-string Taylor). Jimmy has always favoured Brazilian Rosewood, and our recently acquired 914CE-L7 is literally a dream come true – so, beautiful though it undoubtedly is, Coco is therefore unlikely to receive the amount of playing that such a stunning guitar richly deserves.

Guitar update 2: Jacques (Jimmy’s beloved Taylor 914CE-L7 limited edition 6-string) has developed a fault with the Expression System, and so has been returned to GuitarGuitar in Newcastle for shipment to Taylor in Amsterdam. This is particularly bad timing as we have lots of performances scheduled for December – here’s hoping he makes it back home to help us have a merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “09-Dec-2012 The Clock Is Ticking…

  1. Beatrice Turler

    LOL on the Winslow Arizona – I don’t think our generation can hear that name without quoting that line! (I live in Wilmslow, and even saying that often brings it on…). The US trip sounds amazing, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    Happy Christmas!

    1. jivauk Post author

      Agreed on the Wilmslow front – whenever Jimmy visited the Sema/Atos office in Wilmslow he always had a wry smile as he thought of the song.

      ‘Retirement’ is so much better, and so much busier!

      Have a good Christmas and 2013 too.
      Jimmy & Val


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