04-Nov-2012 Five On The Trot

Five days, five performances, five hours plus of the jiva gentle blend shared across the north east… good fun, good music and a good time had by one and all. Speaking of good music, we went along to Cramlington Folk Club to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby – it was great to catch up again, and also to have a front row seat for their performance. We enjoyed every minute of their show.

The number 5 has also been significant this week as, following our three weeks of calorie counting and more exercise regime Val has lost five pounds in weight (Jimmy only managed to lose four pounds but, heck, that’s still good!). We never cease to be amazed how many calories can be packed into a seemingly innocent and small snack, or even a few Extra Strong Mints on the way to a gig.

And, of course, the day after this blog is 5th November – Guy Fawkes. Hope yours goes with a bang, but not enough to frighten the cats.

5th November is also the day when Jimmy can officially start to use his free bus pass. Not sure how often, but we’re sure it might come in handy some day – the only problem is that Val has a few years to go before she qualifies for hers.

Must go now, we’re off to chomp on a celery stick – part of the five-a-day fruit-and-vegetable thingy.

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