21-Oct-2012 Aw Wight Now

Home again, after a week-long expedition to the Isle of Wight. 1100 miles, six performances, birthday celebration, sight-seeing, chilling out, and some serious calorie counting all packed into eight days… no wonder we’re feeling a little tired.

This trip had been planned a few months back to visit Val’s ex mum in law (90 years young) and join the celebrations. We decided it would be great to combine the visit with some performing and so, on Friday morning, the car was packed to the gunnels with three guitars, two tenor ukuleles, one bass ukulele, one glockenspiel, microphones, mic stands, instrument stands, Bose ToneMatch preamps/mixers, and the AER Alpha Plus that we use for smaller venues. Add to that two suitcases, CDs, gadgets (netbook, tablet, video camera, two compact digital cameras, digital recorder, Bose bluetooth portable speaker, all manner of chargers and connecting cables ) and you have some idea of the scale of operations!

The cottage we’d hired for the week was delightfully nestled at the very very end of a narrow country lane (more of a rutted bridleway really) – chilling out in the peace and quiet of the countryside was a refreshing change from spending hours at the mercy of of our two PCs at home with twin monitors each! We relaxed at the end of each day with a glass of red wine, either having performed or strolled along the waterfront (or both) and having sampled some of the local hostelries and/or eateries. Jimmy even got to see the hovercraft ferry in operation at Ryde – absolutely magical. One negative on the trip was that Val’s lovely Canon Ixus 100 compact digital camera decided that it had had enough – the zoom lens not zooming or even parking when it should… ah well, more research and a potential new gizmo will be in the offing. Stay tuned for developments.

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard
425 calories

We mentioned earlier about calorie counting – having discovered a nifty smartphone app called ‘MyFitnessPal’ (yes, honestly), we are only too aware of how easily the intake can mount up and quickly surpass the recommended daily limits. So, now that we’re back home and slowly getting into our routine, we’ll be keeping a tighter rein on what we eat and ensuring a little more exercise than we’ve been taking of late. Look out for the lean, mean, gentle blend that is jiva…

Hopefully a little leaner (and we’re not mean at all!)

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