14-Oct-2012 Southward Bound

There’s been a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing this week.

It started with a trip to see good friend and expert luthier, Mark Challinor – a 200 mile round trip to Silsden. It was great to catch up and have Mark delight in Jacques (our Taylor 914CE-L7) and to have him fit super Gotoh 510 Cosmo Black tuners and a custom bone saddle to add the icing on what is already a very very tasty cake.

In the short time since buying him on 21st September, Jacques has usurped Coco as Jimmy’s 6-string of choice (fickle or what?) – Coco has been away in Amsterdam having an electrics problem sorted, and we got a call from GuitarGuitar confirming that he was now back from Taylor with everything working as it should. It’s great to have him back, looking and sounding as wonderful as ever and with new strings as part of the setup… uh, what’s that? Setup? Yes, a full setup included, back to exactly the same condition as when when it originally left the Taylor factory…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! We’d recently had the action changed by Mark to be the perfect height for Jimmy (a tad higher than the Taylor spec).

On Friday we ventured further South to Portsmouth (stopping off to play at a care home in Loughborough), overnighting at Fontwell Park before taking the ferry to the Isle of Wight for a week-long stay. Saturday saw us at a care home where we were celebrating the 90th birthday of Val’s ex mum in law. After a lovely buffet and party (complete with birthday cake, champers, family and friends) we performed the gentle jiva blend to one and all. What a smashing  occasion.

Today the family re-convened for a slap-up lunch at a top notch hotel followed by coffee and more birthday cake… we’ve recently started counting our calories and we’ve certainly counted too many over the past few days. We’re posting this blog from the delightful cottage we’re renting for the week – it’s in the middle of nowhere at the very end of a very narrow road which becomes a track, and at the very end of the track is the cottage… not another soul in sight, a beautiful place to sign off with a nice glass of wine.

Wish you were here…

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