30-Sep-2012 Calm Before The Storm

We’ve been taking things easy this week – enjoying Jimmy’s Taylor 914CE-L7 (Jacques), setting up the Bose L1 in the Blue Room to ensure sound system settings are tweaked to give the best possible reproduction/reinforcement when playing plugged in. Lots of “aaahhh” moments as the 6 solos or 6 and 12 or the 6 and 6 blend beautifully together.

Only two performances this week, but hugely enjoyable – one new to us, and one where we’ve become regulars… a residency almost. It is so heartwarming to be so welcomed and to even have people dancing (be it waltz or hula-hula) to our songs. Val works hard at keeping things organised; promo material mailouts, phone calls, emails etc – and it’s always nice when (like this morning) people get in touch out of the blue because of personal recommendations.

Jimmy was down at the doctor’s surgery on Friday for a follow up blood test and a chat about results from the previous checkup – nothing serious, just the advisory NHS MOT check after you reach a certain age. Having talked about lifestyle and healthy eating and all that good stuff we blew it out of the water the following day with a slap up meal at an Indian Restaurant with Steve and Carol (aka Fool’s Gold). An enjoyable evening indeed, good food, good company and much good conversation (shame about some of the jokes though)… we didn’t manage to put the world to rights, but agreed on some initial plan hatching.

Well, that was the calm – so what of the storm? A flurry of activity is in the offing as October’s calendar shows very few days that have no planned/scheduled activity. Val has two temping stints, there are three nights where we’re off to folk clubs to see friends and favourite performers (Anthony John Clarke twice and Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby), a week in the Isle of Wight combining a birthday celebration and six performances, five north east care homes, at least one folk club singers night and a potential trip to Yorkshire to see our master luthier friend Mark Challinor and get some Cosmo Black Gotoh 510 tuners fitted to Jacques. And, at some stage soon, we’ll hear from GuitarGuitar that Taylor have successfully sorted the electrics problem that we had with Coco – and that will mean a trip into town to bring him back home.

Busy busy bees

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