09-Sep-2012 Out And About, Fast And Furious, Quote Unquote

Swinton, Liverpool, Corbridge, Washington… new PC, YouTube video… quotable quotes… it’s been a week and a half.

We saw Anthony John Clarke guesting at Swinton Folk Club on Monday night – as always, he was a great entertainer and had the whole room in the palm of his hand, plenty of good humoured banter and lovely music… a friendly and welcoming club, we may have to get ourselves back there before too long.

Tuesday we were guest act at the Cellar Bar Folk Club in Liverpool – we got the chance to renew some acquaintances from our previous Scouse skirmishes and made a few new friends too. Elizabeth (half of the duo Nighthowl) commented on Facebook “Refreshingly warm and funny performance by jiva at Cellar Bar tonight. Audience anticipation and participation made for a very enjoyable time. :-)”… can we quote you on that?

Winding down after playing

Wednesday saw us bidding farewell to Anthony John and Julia after an enjoyable couple of days catching up, chilling out… generous and warm hosts, good company, wined and dined (complete with candles), sat in the sunshine – time really does pass by too quickly. We got home mid afternoon to find a card telling us that UPS had attempted to deliver the new PC earlier in the day but were amazed when, a couple of hours later, the doorbell rang and they were back again making a second attempt on the same day. Thumbs up for that one!

Like Wednesday evening, most of Thursday was spent multi-tasking with video tweaking on Jimmy’s “soon to be old” PC while software installing on the new one. And we finally settled on the final edits and uploaded our latest YouTube video. Click below to watch it before it’s too late! Why too late? Read on, below…

Invalid Google API key. Please follow these instructions to fix: http://support.tubepress.com/customer/portal/articles/2026361-initial-setup

For those whose RSS feed doesn’t seem to like video content, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr3l4jwEtcE

Having uploaded “Meet Me On The Corner” we were advised by YouTube of a potential copyright issue as their automated system had matched the song to something written in the 90s and recorded by a different band whose interests are looked after by Universal Publishing – ie NOT the song written by Rod Clements and recorded by Lindisfarne in the early 70s. So we have to write to Universal Publishing, get them to watch our video, get them to agree it’s not the song that they have on their books, get them to write to YouTube retracting the potential copyright infringement claim, then YouTube have to ensure that the communication from UMPG is genuine and came from the same UPMG account that set up their interest in the song title (UPMG have many different YouTube channels/accounts), then they might consider removing the infringement… somehow we cant see either of these mega-companies taking the time to be interested in lil’ ol’ jiva in the UK having a blatantly incorrect potential copyright infringement hanging over them.

So, like we said above, go watch the video now… it may have been taken down if you wait too long.

Friday continued with more software installation and backing up of the old PC. We had another enjoyable afternoon at a care home (our fifth performance there) with music from jiva, tea and birthday cake all round, sharing stories and chatting with friends old and new. Lovely…

More PC stuff on Saturday (how much software can one PC genuinely need, you may ask), and then on to the Davy Lamp Folk Club to see Allan Taylor in concert opening their 2012/2013 season. As always, it was great to catch up and to thorougly immerse ourselves in Allan’s performance as he sang some of our old favourites and also our new favourites too… and that’s another club we should get back to more often – it’s that time thing again, not enough to go round.

The night was rounded off with a very pleasant surprise as Val checked through our emails on her smartphone as we drove home up the A1 and found these lovely words about ‘One More Song’:

“What a beautiful song – one I wish I could say I had penned myself…”

What more can we say? Another week brim-full with friends, music, technology, warm words… nice…

Very, very nice.

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