02-Sep-2012 If It Ain’t Broke

The ‘powerhouse’ behind jiva music, jiva video, jiva design and jiva media is due for a refurb.

One day your PC is humming along nicely (albeit not as quietly and somewhat slower than it used to be) when ZAP! Right hand monitor goes blank. After much swapping out of cables and connecting different screens to different PCs we concluded that the monitor was, indeed, kaput. Oh well, much frenzied Googling led to the purchase of two brand spanking new Dell 24″ widescreen monitors at a good price with next day delivery… but, of course, being a Bank Holiday weekend, ‘next day’ expanded to be Wednesday. But they do look great and are a definite improvement on the previous ones.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Val very kindly and tactfully suggested that Jimmy’s PC was not so much a ‘powerhouse’ any more, but more of a derelict… so more Googling and much spec and price comparing. The new machine will be well up to the standard tasks of internet, email, Microsoft Office and web creation, as well as the more demanding applications for vector graphics, image manipulation, audio editing and video editing. It will no doubt assist in song writing as per our 12-bar “My PC’s Writing Better Songs Than Me (QWERTYUIOP Blues)”…

Having decided what to buy, the purchasing process turned out to be less than easy. We’ve bought from this company before and really like their products – but online price and slightly different phone quotes and no reply to phone calls on two consecutive days/evenings along with delivery scheduled on a day when we said we wouldn’t be available left us feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the experience. However, we’re sure the new PC (3rd gen Intel i7, 8Gb RAM, 1 Tb drive, nVidia GeForce 640 gfx) will make up for it all.

Probably the last major task for Jimmy’s current/old PC will be the completion of the video for our take on the Lindisfarne classic “Meet Me On The Corner” – we’re really liking what we’ve done so far, and we hope to have a YouTube link for you very soon… maybe even in next week’s blog.

As the week draws to a close we’re reflecting on a lovely day at one of our favourite care homes. An afternoon concert attended by residents, relatives and carers, music from jiva, a recitation from a resident, appreciative applause all round, much joining in on choruses etc – and afterwards, cream tea with strawberries, scones and meringues. It’s days like that that remind us of how fortunate we are to be able to do what we do and share our music and our stories with such lovely people.

2 thoughts on “02-Sep-2012 If It Ain’t Broke

    1. jivauk Post author

      Hi John

      It’s been quite a “situation” this month – monitor problem, replacements and new PC for Jimmy, guitar trouble (Expression System problem), shipped Coco off to Amsterdam, Taylor 914CE-L7 added to family, hard drive died on Val’s PC (1 month out of warranty!), bought new hard drive, complete re-installation of Windows and programs etc… we need a holiday!


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