29-Jul-2012 Lager And Larger

The sun shone, the rain rained, and the week flew by before we’d even noticed.

We only ventured out for two performances this week – both on the same day. The afternoon was a return visit to a care home in Sunderland where we all had fun, not only with the music but also being plied with lager and chocolate… the evening was a visit to a local open mic night only half a mile down the road where we threw ourselves into the (sometimes rowdy, always loud) melee of an eclectic mix of genres and performers – everything from gentle acapella to ear-splitting strumming and blues harp competing to leave our hearing damaged for the next few days.

Luckily we’d already done our re-recording of ‘Lately’ (the newest self-penned song to emerge from the Blue Room). Following on from our ‘Big Floppy Hats’ recording, Val has yet again taken to U-Bass and we’ve both added additional vocals – there’s even a hint of Val tickling the ivories on Roland piano… you need to listen right through to catch it. The result can be found on SoundCloud:

Lately v2 by jiva uk

There’s also another song (not jiva penned) that is bubbling along with a very distinctive bass line – no, we’re not telling… you’ll just have to wait. [Clue: A much covered song from a local band with a history stretching back over 40 years.]

Good news on the instruments front:

  • Missy (Jimmy’s Taylor 855 12-string) is back home with new pickup and adjusted action
  • Baz (Val’s U-Bass) has a strap pin strategically placed to make for more comfortable playing
  • Coco (Jimmy’s Taylor Custom Jumbo 6-string) is singer better with a tweaked action

Thanks to good pal and expert luthier, Mark Challinor, for all of the above.

And implements, too, have featured this week:

  • We’ve invested in a Korg Pitchblack tuner for the U-Bass (headstock clip-on tuners don’t work well with Baz)
  • Jimmy has a new mobile phone – Samsung Galaxy Note with a whopping 5.3″ screen! (Val is now the keeper of the 4.3″ Samsung Galaxy S2)

We’ve at last had our hands on a Google Nexus 7 tablet (Currys / PC World at Silverlink) and are very much impressed. So it’s now high up in the shopping list as birthdays, wedding anniversary and Christmas approach.

Dontcha jus luv teknologee…

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