22-Jul-2012 Flip Side

A mixed up old week this has been… Missy not home yet, Baz case still in transit, T1 power supply delivered and working well, Google Nexus 7 tablets sold out and nowhere to be seen or touched, some lies foisted upon us, a scheduled performance cancelled with only half a day’s notice, a great morning at a local care home, a new recording uploaded to SoundCloud, the usual circular discussions on the rationale (if there is one) behind doing what we do musically, what we play, what we write, where we play, when we play, why we do it… oh, all sorts of things going around and around in the brain.

As the song says… “eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive”… and so…

The first recording of Val playing Baz the Bass (Kala U-Bass) has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world:

Big Floppy Hats by jiva uk

It’s interesting for us to see (or rather, hear) how a different approach and instrumental line up can add variety to the sound without losing the gentle blend that is the distinctive jiva trademark ambience. We’ll need to be a little wary of too much diversity otherwise we might have to trade in our Honda Jazz for a Transit van when heading off for gigs!

However, it does open up more options for recording: 6-string guitars, 12 string guitars, tenor ukuleles, electric piano/keyboards, electronic drum kit, and now U-Bass, all at our disposal. Eeek! Now we just need to decide on what to put on our next album, and how to arrange the songs, and then get down to the graft of recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, promotion… all that stuff. Having done the WYHIWYG “Best Friends” album we’d like to spread our wings a little with the follow up – but we’re having a helluva time deciding what the album should be like:

  • self-penned songs?
  • our own interpretations of songs by other writers/performers? (we don’t do┬ásoundalike ‘covers’)
  • how many tracks?
  • musical direction/leaning?
  • 3rd party involvement? (instrumentation, vocal, production, etc)
  • presentation?

So many questions. So few answers so far.

We’ve got lots of tracks we’d like to record, and we’re finding it difficult to choose which ones to put on the album. And, as we add new songs to the repertoire, there are even more to choose from – so much so that we’re considering a double album (hopefully at single album selling price), maybe one CD of self-penned and the other made up of carefully chosen favourite songs by others… working title for that might be ‘Flip Side’… you heard it first here, folks!

It would be great to know what you’d like to hear on the next (or subsequent) jiva album – either from our┬árepertoire, or something new… we may be leaving ourselves wide open to wit, criticism, or even ideas that would never have occurred to us.

Feel free to join the discussion – but beware what you wish for, you may just get it…

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