01-Jul-2012 A Good Read

Having just turned the last page of the eleventh book in Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series, Jimmy is reminded of the pleasures and calming influences of reading. This particular series tells engaging stories about Mma Ramotswe, Mma Makutsi, Mr J L B Matekoni and a host of other wonderfully written characters.

And then, there are so many other things to read, some for fun and some for reference. Researching a prospective purchase can fall into both camps – naturally there’s the specifications and user manual to pore over, and then there are reviews to read too… it’s amazing how wildly they differ; what some people refer to as ‘Wonderful, brilliant, perfect’ others will sneer ‘Rubbish, cr@p, awful’- such fun.

Blogs (weblogs) can also prove entertaining and informative – some of our contemporaries also engage in regular outpourings, ranging from soul-baring to tongue-in-cheek humour mixed in with information about gigs and instruments and radio shows and all manner of musical goings on. We’d be interested to know how you would (or whether it’s even possible to) categorise this, the jivacoustic blog.

Of course, one cannot talk about online reading without the ubiquitous Facebook – like the parson’s (or is it curate’s?) egg… good (or is it excellent?) in parts. In among the bucketloads of meaningless tat there are occasional gems… wading through what people had for breakfast or being notified of yet another dozen snapshots of whatever or the antics of pets or the repetition of the same old jokes all vying for their fifteen minutes of fame, and eventually finding an uplifting or informative or entertaining snippet, is an easy and not too taxing method of idling away a few unbusy moments.

Having recently become acquainted with the world of smartphones, and potentially a tablet, we’re dipping our toes in the pool of electronic books – the Kindle app allows us to download books (some free, some to buy) and read them on various devices… the jury is still out on that one. It’s useful to be able to carry a number of books on a small reading device, but there’s nothing that quite matches the experience of a real book.

And with that, book number twelve in the series is about to be opened – another good read…

2 thoughts on “01-Jul-2012 A Good Read

  1. Steve

    Tongue in Cheek? All of our blog is the unadulterated truth. Apart from the bits that aren’t, obviously.
    My take on the whole bloggy phenomenon is that it is an act, almost of vanity on the part of the writer, and if any one wishes to be considered a Gentle Reader, then that is all to the good. In many ways, it is a similar vanity, performance; call it what you may, to the business of songwriting and performing.
    Oh, and it’s fun!
    To answer you question then: file under ‘not entirely essential, but if you have five minutes…’

    1. jivauk Post author

      At least you didn’t file us under ‘bin it without reading’…

      Interesting take on blogging as en extension of performance – deep stuff, man, deep stuff.


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