24-Jun-2012 Baz…

Yet another instrument has joined the jiva family – the jivacoustic roadshow tourbus doesn’t need quite as much space as Fool’s Gold – the max you’re likely to see at a jiva gig is

  • 2 x Taylor 6-string guitars (‘Nams’ and ‘Coco’)
  • 2 x Taylor 12-string guitars (‘Chalise’ and ‘Missy’)
  • 2 x Kala Tenor ukuleles (‘Duke’ and ‘Luke’)

And there have been many occasions over the past few months where ‘Daisy’ the glockenspiel has come out to play her eponymous “Daisy Bell” song.

But now, we have a new rising star ‘Barry’ (or ‘Baz’ as he’s affectionately known) – watch out for this Kala U-Bass bass ukulele. But you’ll need to be quick… so far he only features on one song:

Another new jiva song!

This is yet more gentle poking fun at ourselves… the full title is “My PC’s Writing Better Songs Than Me” – and it’s a 12-bar blues in the key of (yep, you guessed it) ‘E’.

The blog is a tad late in publication this week as we’ve been out for the day at a charity garden and house party just outside Eyemouth. The view was magnificent across the wide expanse of lawn and all the way to the Cheviots – performers for this worthy cause were jiva, Mike Hirst, Trev & Renata, Dennis Jorgensen… we did the sound, and the Bose L1 performed magnificently in it’s first outdoor setting. Sunshine was interspersed with showers until a prolonged downpour left us to unplug and stow the gear as the music moved inside. A grand time was had by all. Many thanks to our hosts, Alan and Reenee.

As we head to the end of the blog, the England v Italy Euro 2012 quarter final comes to the end of extra time… a penalty shoot out beckons.

Ooh err…






Hit the bar!




Italy go through…

2 thoughts on “24-Jun-2012 Baz…

  1. Steve

    Ah, no – but you DO have
    great songs
    great presentation
    great personality
    …and a unique take on ‘Tinkly Metal’

    see you soon


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