10-Jun-2012 Are We Nuts?

Cough splutter cough…

Three care homes and three days at a mini-fest – Cramlington, Cramlington again, Wallsend and then the Nuts In May Week-end June Folk Gathering at Broomhill, Northumberland, where we got the chance to catch up with the usual suspects between our three programmed spots and the singarounds too. Performing six days out of seven when still in recovery mode is bound to take some toll, and we’re glad to be home with a restful week ahead of us.

We didn’t see a great deal of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations but we have seen a lot of our guitars and ukuleles and have even found time to play a little with Jimmy’s new mobile phone – it now sports a snazzy silicone protective case… can you guess what colour?

Answers on a postcard, or you could always leave a comment here…

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