13-May-2012 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Having finished the recording sessions for Old English, we’re now in the process of producing first cut mixes for them to audition – 7 tracks done, 5 to go. Hopefully we’ll have a CD of the mixdowns available by late Monday or early Tuesday.

Last week’s blog post mentioned some video work we’ve been doing, and we posted Anthony John Clarke’s ‘Pitlochry’ – YouTube link below:


We’re delighted to share another video this week – again it’s Anthony John, but this one’s a bit different: firstly it’s an Al Stewart Song (‘Like William McKinley’), and secondly the audio as well as the video was recorded right here.

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For those whose RSS feed doesn’t seem to like video content, here’s the link:

Guitar lessons, would you believe it? We were asked if we’d do some teaching (yes, we were more than surprised) – it’s something new for us and unexpected but, no they weren’t joking, it was a serious request. Nothing too technical or overburdened with theory – just some basic chord shapes and picking and strumming patterns etc… so, having prepared some stuff we popped around and set someone on their first unsteady steps on what will hopefully become a lifelong journey.

We’ve enjoyed playing at two care homes this week, both new to us – one in Whickham and one involving a 200+ miles round trip to perform in Whitehaven. Smiling faces all round, tears of happiness, some hula dancing – fun times indeed.

The week was rounded off nicely with a visit to Fool’s Gold Steve & Carol for an evening of food, wine, putting the world to rights, a triple ukulele jamĀ  (we borrowed their guitarlele and ukes – including a blue ‘Flying V’) and there were even some jokes around the dinner table (must have been the wine). We bought their 4-track EP CD, making a donation to their ‘Help for Heroes’ fundraising… best of luck with the launch (we’ll be there) and the extended spots in local clubs.

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