22-Apr-2012 Lately

Lately we seem to have had a bit of a lull on performing – but we did find time to pop in to Cramlington (our local folk club) for a singers night… just for a change we did songs with only the two 6-string guitars, no quintessential jingly jangly 12-string in the mix and no ukuleles either! We also headed off the Bridge End in Ovingham for the opening night of a new venture – a cross between a musicians session and a singaround… the theory was to have tunes and songs where people could join in unless the artist requested otherwise. Indeed there were tunes, there were songs, there was some joining in, and there were lots of people there – so much so that it was standing room only as the night wore on… get along there and support this new venture, it’s on the third Wednesday of each month and run/organised by local group Canny Crack.

Lately we’ve been driving up and down the A1 a lot – three recent visits to luthier Mark Challinor in Silsden as work progresses on Missy (Jimmy’s Taylor 855 12-string) – and lately we’ve been to Cumbria to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby give a super performance in Ullock Village Hall.

And lately it’s been a good week on the care homes front – it’s always great to have activity organisers get in touch (either they’ve listened to the tracks on our promotional CD, or looked at the website or maybe YouTube, or we may have been recommended, or they might have seen us performing somewhere, or it may be that we’ve played for them before and they want us back again). This week the jiva hotline has indeed been blessed with such calls.

And we have a new song! Remember we mentioned last week that we’d been tinkering with an idea – well, we’ve done a first cut which we’d like to share with you…

Lately by jiva uk

A bit of a change for us – no vocals from Jimmy, and no guitar or uke from Val… Jimmy plays, Val sings.

Let us know what you think…

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