15-Apr-2012 All Upside Down

Some of last week’s pondering and multitasking has come to fruition… Jimmy did get a new graphics card (now installed and working well); the cannibalising of two old PCs bore no usable spares (so, after mangling the hard drives with a hammer, both old PCs have taken a trip to the local waste management and recycling depot – we remember the days when they were just called “the tip” or ” the dump”); Val’s Roland is now in-situ here in the “office” and the 8-channel souncard has been wrested from its box on the shelf and installed in our spare PC; some software has been installed, but more needs to be done; there’s a new shelving unit in the blue room where the Roland used to be, and it’s now proudly displaying some of Val’s elephants and teapots collection. And all this because of a simple “maybe we should move the piano”…

We had an enjoyable visit to Radio Teesdale where we were studio guests on Liz Franklin’s Folkal Point show. From start to finish it was a good experience – we arrived 5 minutes ahead of the arranged time and Liz was already there waiting. The “green room” was comfortable and spacious, and then we were invited into Studio 2 to record some songs for the show, Liz taking great care in the mixing to help get a good quality sound and balance. The hour-long show just flew by with a good mix of CD tracks, our live recordings and informal chat all seemed to work well. Good show, Liz! Thanks for having us – we’ll be back.

Other outings last week included an open mic slot where we surprised everyone with three ukulele songs and a visit to Netherton Folk Club. We also took Jimmy’s 855 12-string guitar “Missy” to good friend and expert luthier Mark Challinor to have some pick-up work done, and we’ll be heading back there on Monday with some new bits for him to install (ooh, err, general anaesthetic time for Jimmy).

Last week saw the 10th anniversary of us getting back together – we remember it well… Jimmy’s clean driving licence being blotted by getting a speeding ticket while driving a hired truck down to Huntingdon to bring Val back home to the north east. Ah, memories… We’ll soon be celebrating a significant birthday with a friend, and we’ll also be celebrating the anniversary too with a trip to a local Indian restaurant.

But wait! There’s more! We have a potential new song in the offing… just as we were packing the instruments for the drive to Radio Teesdale, Jimmy started picking an exaggerated waltz-time chord or two or three or four – Val piped up with “Ooh I like that – sort of ‘Lately I’ve been thinking’ kinda feel”, and the idea took shape very quickly with Val taking a video using her mobile phone to capture the song before it dissipated into thin air. We’ve watched and listened again, and played it a few times, swapping out various voice and instrument permutations, and we think that it shouldn’t be too long before it joins the repertoire.

Oh yes… videos… we received an email with a short video clip of us playing at a care home. It was taken by a chappie using his iPad, and we are impressed with the sound clarity… but, but, but… you’ll just have to watch it to find out.

OK? Hands up those who spotted the visual problem? (And no, it’s NOT the headband!)


Till next time

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