08-Apr-2012 ABCD, Another Bright Cheery Day

In spite of the weather not knowing whether to be sunny or grey, windy or calm, rain or snow or fair, it’s always bright and cheery here.

We’ve enjoyed a week with four residential care home performances – one our fourth visit and the other three brand new – and, out of the blue, we received two phone calls inviting us back to play at places we’ve played before… one locally and the other while on our latest north west expedition. Add to that an email from Germany asking for the chords of three of our songs (two self-penned and one by Allan Taylor) and you can understand we’re feeling full of the joys of Spring.

Val is multi-tasking – she’s making copies of our promotional CD while updating our database and tidying through her copious notes on promo pack mailing and responses and phone calls and all that important behind the scenes stuff that helps keep the mighty jiva music juggernaut behemoth rolling along.

Jimmy is multi-tasking too (can men really multi-task?) – he’s looking at the PC screen and pondering… and probably something else too, but we’re not sure exactly what. He’s more of a multi-thinker than a multi-doer.

There’s such a lot to ponder – is the new PowerLine adapter serving our network well? Absolutely, yes! Does he need a new silent passively cooled graphics card to keep his PC from whining while editing audio and video? Need? Maybe… Want? Yes! And while the PC is opened up, we should swap out a misbehaving CD/DVD writer for a drive extracted from our previous music PC. And then there’s the question of the sound card – if we bring Val’s Roland FP-4 piano up here from the Blue Room we may also want to rescue the 8-channel M-Audio soundcard from the aforementioned ex music PC. And moving the piano will mean shifting furniture around too… oh, joy! And next week’s performances, what will we play?

Ah, Val has already multi-tasked that one.

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