25-Mar-2012 End Of The Line

Things happen, things move on, sometimes for the better, sometimes they just move on…

It’s been another busy week for us – can’t remember a week when our time wasn’t filled with things to do, performances to enjoy, videos to take (and edit and publish), recordings to make (and edit and mix and master), artwork to design, websites to create and update, songs to learn, PCs to troubleshoot, blogs to write… oh, all manner of things.

Saturday was a bit of a sad occasion – it was the farewell fling for Strum ‘n’ Drum, the organisation formerly known as West Sleekburn Farm Community Music Association (WSFCMA for short, although not really very short at all). A few years back we had actively participated as committee members, membership secretary and media gurus, responsible for web design and matching consistent posters and leaflets and flyers and CD production too. And we managed to fit in some jiva music performances for them too. So, with slightly heavy heart, we went along to play at their final night – a buskers get together. It had been some time since we’ve played there and we certainly surprised them with lively renditions of our ukulele songs in the first half… who says jiva are too serious and can’t have fun? Our second half slot was the jiva gentle blend with 12 and 6-string Taylor guitars not quite to the fore (they could have been but the sound guy, having remembered to unmute the channels, omitted to actually push the faders up to bring them into the mix) – ah, c’est la vie. Goodbye SaD or WSFCMA – it’s been a blast.

Next Saturday will see us taking charge of John Jeffrey’s launch night for his CD ‘End Of The Line’ – John had asked quite a crowd of musician friends/colleagues (including jiva) to play on the night. In order to give more time to other performers and also to lessen John’s organisational load we politely declined and suggested that we run the night instead. John agreed and asked if we might also like to do the sound and, being always the nice helpful people we are, we said yes. We’ve been busy working out a running order complete with to-the-minute timings, canvassing all performers for their PA requirements, and letting everyone know the plan for the night and their part in it. The only way to ensure that everyone invited gets their fair share of time onstage is for EVERYONE – no exceptions – to strictly adhere to their allotted span, not a minute over.

With Jimmy being the attentive soundman and Val the ‘bossy, take-no-prisoners’ MC, what can possibly go wrong? Answers on a postcard (or blog comment), tune in next week.

Must finish there – we’re off for a meal at a highly recommended Indian restaurant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our meeting again (at Doncaster railway station!) after 30 years apart. Definitely not the end of the line, but a station along the way on a journey that will last and last and last.

So it’s true – things do happen, things do move on, sometimes for the better, definitely…

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