26-Feb-2012 Z Is For Zulu

Or Zany…or Zen…

It’s also for zest and zero – we’re creatures of habit, and if that order and semi regular routine is interrupted it can be all to easy to somehow lose the usual zest and zippiness… and then it can be difficult to fire up enthusiasm until some semblance of normality returns. Sometimes it feels as though we’re not achieving much, zero progress on the multitude of items on the to do list accompanied by a general out of sorts feeling.

February has been a quiet month on the music performances front – and that’s probably the root of the blip in the jiva zeitgeist meter. The highs and not-so-highs have ranged from an enjoyable night topping the bill as guests of the Cutty Wren Folk Club to a totally different kind of evening where we plugged into the resident sound system of a venue that must remain anonymous to find sound varying wildly from nil/nought/zero/zip to way LOUD and LOUDER STILL on each guitar and vocal to the extent that the enjoyment factor was seriously lacking. Nuff said…

Z is for Zany… and Zen… Looking on the bright side we’ve had a great time theatre-going, eating out, socialising and ticking a few items off the ever-expanding recording projects list. We met up with Jim and Allyson for a meal at the Harbour Lights in South Shields before heading off to the Customs House to see ‘Seussical the Musical’ – a zany show based around some Dr Seuss favourites with appearances from Horton the Elephant, the residents of Whoville, the Grinch and of course the Cat in the Hat! We all enjoyed it immensely. And Saturday saw us entertaining Steve and Carol (Fool’s Gold) at home – an enjoyable evening of food, wine, chat, music (recorded and live) including us all showing some impressive drumstick-wrestling behind the latest jiva instrument addition… yup, the secret’s out, the blue room is now home to an Alesis DM10 studio electronic kit [headphones available for a small charge – LOL]. Zen and the art of percussion, indeed!

Depending on when you read this blog, Zebeddee’s words of wisdom may or not be appropriate… “Time for bed… boiiing!!!”

Zzzz… night night

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