19-Feb-2012 Y Is For Yankee

Or Yippeee!!!… or Yesss!!!…

It’s also for yellow and yard… the sun is shining, a yellow disc in a beautiful blue sky with white cotton wool clouds. It’s a lovely spring-like day, the kind of day one yearns to be out there soaking up the sunshine, but it’s perhaps a little cold for sunbathing just yet. However, we do have plans to give our back yard a bit of a makeover – starting next week there’ll be weeding and digging and alteration of flowerbeds leading to a changed look with perhaps a gravel base in places with some pot plants etc – and, who knows, we may even get around to painting the gate again.

The garden activity will no doubt help lose a few of the pounds/kilos that have crept up on us due to some yummy meals we’ve enjoyed recently while out with friends or ‘singing for our supper’ performances or just celebrating being us. Y‘see, that’s the trouble with food – you can be careful with what you eat, and still enjoy tasty meals… but the occasional over-indulgence at restaurants and with desserts seems to put on weight quicker than being good can take it off! As winter fades and spring beckons we’ll be getting on our bikes (literally) and enjoying the exhilaration, exercise and fresh air as we get back to more regular cycling.

The above intentions don’t mean we’ll be giving up our computer-related activities – but we hope to find a better balance between music, exercise, projects and fun. Yes, this year might be the one to bridge the yawning chasm between what we should be doing and what we are actually spending our time on.

Y is for Yippeee!!!… and Yesss!!!… this week we celebrate the release of Anthony John Clarke’s new album ‘Laughing At Clowns’. It’s a smashing album with some songs we’ve heard him do live and others that are new – but we have even more reasons to be cheerful than you might suspect.

  • Yippeee!!!… He’s included his own studio version of our very own ‘One More Song’ on the album, and it has become a regular part of his live set.
  • Yippeee!!!… Anthony John and Julia spent a weekend with us designing the artwork together – it was an amazing time bringing to life on screen their ideas, with everyone contributing suggestions and tweaks until we pretty much had it right… something totally different from anyone’s initial thoughts.
  • Then, over the next few days, it was head down for Jimmy as he took the quick screen concepts and created the finished artwork (CD label, digi-pack, and booklet) to the exacting standards for commercial replication.
  • While waiting for the physical CDs to be delivered to Anthony John we set to work on the albums page of his website, creating preview mp3 extracts of each track and full track mp3s and whole album zip file for download/purchase. (Did you know, you can listen to extracts – all 179 [yes one hundred and seventy nine] of them – of every song from his albums at www.anthonyjohnclarke.com/albums.htm. Yep, and you can also download/purchase individual mp3 tracks, full album zip files including cover art, and also buy physical CDs all from the same page!)
  • Yippeee!!!… Included as a special bonus track (only for those purchasing the full album download direct from Anthony John’s website) is ‘Today I’m Just A Dancer’ – recorded here in the jiva Blue Room.
  • Yesss!!! The CDs have now been delivered, and Anthony John and Julia immediately despatched one to us for guaranteed overnight delivery so we could see the finished product and sigh a very relieved celebratory Yippeee!!!… and Yesss!!!…

Yeehah!!! Yahoo!!! Yopp!!!

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