22-Jan-2012 U Is For Uniform

It’s also for urgent and unselfish and unusual – all typical ingedients of a jiva week. It’s amazing that, no matter how hard we try to plan ahead, things somehow have a habit of happening at unpredictable and unwarranted moments. And this week has been no exception…

Take for example XBMC (guess that will crop up in a blog sometime soon), the ultimate media playback software – version 10 had been going along wonderfully, and then the upgrade to version 11 beta 1 coincided with an untimely corruption in one of our backups… this resulted in much unholy mutterings and research and tweaking and eventual resignation to needing to install the stable release on a different computer. Fine and dandy, except the audio stream over HDMI from our mega-powerful and well-specced laptop is not playing as it should… Dolby Digital and DTS and multi-channel all end up as PCM 2-channel stereo… ummm, more troubleshooting ahead.

And, wouldn’t you just know it? Printer(s) on the blink… not one, not two, but all three; printer 1 has decided to make tractor marks on card, printer two decided to slosh copiuos amounts of ink on a CD whose label we were printing, and printer 3 finds it impossible to print without skewing the paper/card so that the printout looks decidely drunk and unbalanced.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all doom and gloom – we get our fair share of the better things in life, exemplified by the visit of a couple of good friends this week… good food, good wine, good company, good fun, a lot of concentrated effort on album artwork design and unselfish sharing of time, knowledge and laughter.

We have an urgent project to turn around some poster/flyer drafts and finalise album artwork and arrange CD replication. And there’s a long-running recording project that needs revisiting to re-record some vocals. And we have new songs in the repertoire too! And a new and unusual word – “expergenious” – who could ask for more?

U is for Ubiquitous… and Unreal… Facebook, what can one say? The ubiquitous social networking tool, it gets everywhere… websites, blogs, promotional/marketing material, TV programmes, mobile phone apps, smart TVs, the list goes on. It used to be said that TV was ‘chewing gum for the brain’ – well, maybe Facebook has usurped that crown. Hardly surprising when the usual suspects update their status many times a day with the likes of  “I’m off for a cup of tea” and 200+ plus people feel they must add inane comments which they believe to be unique and amusing. Having to trawl past acres of unneccessary trivia to uncover a potentially interesting nuggett of useful information is becoming a bore – so it may be time to unleash some pruning on the unsuspecting.

It’s good that friends can share when they have a happy (or sad) event – and social sites can actually facilitate networking among like-minded people, and even promote healthy and constructive discussion if used in moderation. It’s the selfish, and often pompous, “me me me” brigade that seem to need to be constantly popping up in everyone’s stream, on everyone’s wall, and be a big part of every conversation.

Unreal. or what? Rant over…

Until next week

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