11-Dec-2011 O Is For Oscar

Or Old Fashioned Christmas… or Online…

It’s also for order and organisation… we’re firm believers of  ‘a place for everything and everything in its place‘ – Val has completed phase one of a monumental task involving ripping all our CDs to high quality mp3s, ensuring correct meta tags for them all (artist, album, track name, genre, year, etc), and finally moving all folders and files over to our server where they can be scanned into our library for XBMC (our media player of choice for music, movies, TV series, music videos, home videos etc). The ripped mp3 collection now stands at:

584 artists (and artist collaborations and combinations)
695 albums
8686 songs/tracks
574 hours, 56 minutes, 09 seconds!!!


OK, we still need to go through and correct any inconsistencies or typos, but the major groundwork has been done… round of applause and standing ovation for Val.

O is for Old Fashioned Christmas… or Online… It seems like an opportune moment to remind you about our Christmas song – we didn’t win the competition organised by online retailer Thomann (more later, including links to other entries, including the winning songs), but we’ve had great fun making a promotional video which you can see at www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jm-5Jgc8Qg. We’re not going to make it to number one for Christmas this year, but we have made the track available for downloading as a single from CD Baby and iTunes.

Thomann Competition Results

3rd Place: Andrea Vertessen – Merry Christmas Thomann – Christmas Song Competition 2011 by Andrea Vertessen

2nd Place: Christmas at Thomann – Lydsalonen.dk by Bjerre

The Winner!: Les rennes du père noël by pierobdg

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone for taking part (200+ tracks submitted) – hopefully we all had fun.

Being of a Geordie persuasion, there was one track that struck a chord (sorry, pun intentional) – but beware, it’s not for the faint hearted – you have been warned! And like our entry, it didn’t win…

Credit Crunch Christmas (Geordie Duck) by Geordie Duck

 Until next week… over and out.

2 thoughts on “11-Dec-2011 O Is For Oscar

  1. jivauk Post author

    Hi Kirsty

    Thanks for the comment… certainly some interesting entries from around the world. We loved the Geordie one too (not as much as our own of course LOL).

    Jimmy & Val x

  2. Kirsty Wilkins

    Hi you two,

    Just to say I listened to the three songs that took the top three places in the competition and they were not my cup of tea at all. However, Credit Crunch Christmas by Geordie Duck was right up my street. Loved it! I could just listen and listen to it and it made me laugh. No accounting for taste I suppose!

    Happy New Year,

    Kirsty x


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