20-Nov-2011 L Is For Lima

Or Late… or Lost…

It’s also for lounge, where we’ve set up the new laptop for home recording… recording in the Blue Room may revert to it’s origins, ie artist(s) and sound engineer in the same room. Apart from the computer, we bought a new desk and added some shelves/plinths for the various bits of kit (laptop itself, external sound card, multi-headphone controller, 8-port LAN switch, etc). Then there’s the leads and cables to connect it all together… lovely stuff. Naturally, there was a load of time spent researching, looking at websites and specifications and some trolling around shops to physically see and touch items on the list.

L is for Late… or Lost… being long time customers of Amazon (books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, software, accessories and lots of other things) we’ve been very lucky in that everything has been delivered either on time or even early, so we were quietly confident when we ordered some new video editing software. We’d downloaded a trial version and put it through its paces, but the trial only imorts and exports low resolution standard video – the retail version works in glorious hi-def. The groundwork has all been done for our promo video for ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ – video shoots in different ‘locations’, title screen designed, storyboard mapped out, soundtrack completed etc… now we just need to load the software and let rip…

Ah but… the estimated delivery date came and went and, with long faces (Jimmy especially) we looked for our postman the following day… nope, nada, nix, nothing, not hide nore hair (done it again… n is two weeks away!). Amazon explained at length that we should try the local sorting office, or maybe it had been left with neighbours, but in any event they can’t treat it as lost for at least another week. Aaargh!!!

Sod’s Law – the very time we really wanted an on-time delivery it’s late. They promise to send another box once the original is confirmed as lost.  So be it, c’est la vie – or, as the Eagles put it, ‘Get Over It!’.

Undeterred, we’ve been back doing more on-line Amazon shopping – this time for HDMI leads to connect various gizmos… and we’ve decided to give their own Basics brand a try – looking at the specs, they meet and, in some cases exceed the specs for HDMI 4 (including ethernet and audio return). Let’s hope they arrive sooner rather than later. In fact, they’ll probably get here before the software.

Sometimes you just have to laugh… LOL

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