09-Oct-2011 F Is For Foxtrot

Or Fool’s Gold… or Facebook…

It’s also for Ferdinand’s Folk Show – Monday saw us driving down to the studios of Bishop fm where we were studio guests of Terry for his two hour Folk Show.

As well as catching up with friends online during the show (Facebook stream and email etc) we got to hear the eclectic mix of styles and genres that make up Terry’s folk world – there was the usual studio banter and photographs and video shooting. We sang 7 songs in all, introducing Terry and his worldwide listeners to some new jiva songs as well an old favourite or two.

Thanks to Terry and to everyone who listened in… we had a great time!

F is for Fool’s Gold and Facebook… remember our blog 18-Sep-2011 C Is For Charlie when we bemoaned the fact that we had to cancel our appearance at Fool’s Gold CD launch at the Bridge in Newcastle? Well… we met up with our prog folk chums again at John Jeffrey’s acoustic music night at the Comrades Club in Whitley Bay. They asked us would we like to do a spot at their launch in the Lamplight Arts Centre in Stanley… and, naturally, we agreed.

The Lamplight is a great venue for this kind of event – large enough to comfortably accommodate people and instruments etc, but small enough to create an intimate atmosphere. Fool’s Gold Steve (‘The Nugget’) Wilson had the PA and lights set up in readiness for what was to be a smashing night with a sizeable audience, many that were new to us and to FG. House lights down, stage lights up, MC Andy (of ItsAcoustica fame) did us all proud with his humourous MC’ing, and we launched into our 30-minute set which was very well received. After a short break Andy was back in action again, introducing Fools Gold. Steve, Steve (Nuggett) and Carol treated us to their own inimitable style of prog folk as they transported us through 17th Century tales to pantomime land and spaghetti folk scenarios… quite a mix indeed. A most enjoyable night.

Facebook has been in for a fair amount of criticism of late – some people forming alliances and setting up campaigns to try and force Facebook to abandon the recent changes and ‘bring back the old’. It’s true that Facebook does seem to make lots of changes (some say ‘improvements’ while others forcefully disagree) – but in the end we just have to face up to it and get used to the new-fangled.

However, there’s at least one exciting change we’ve found from CD Baby – they have an app that sets up a music store on our Facebook Music/Band page and lets people play mp3 extracts and download/buy tracks and albums (either CD or download) via a CD Baby widget. Finally! The ability to bring our music direct to Facebook friends and fans.

You can go to our Facebook Music/Band page here – www.facebook.com/jivaukmusic – and click on the Music Store tab/link in the left column to open up the widget and see it in all its its glory. Or you can open our Facebook page with the Music Store already open by clicking the following link: jiva Facebook Music StoreFabulous!

Before we bid you a fond farewell, here’s a question…

What has 10 feet, 12 necks and inhabits the north of England?

Need a clue?

It also has 76 strings and a flute!

Answer: The Fool’s Gold CD launch with jiva !!!

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