25-Sep-2011 D Is For Delta

Or Digital… or Download…

It’s also for the Duke William in Skelton (home of the Cutty Wren Folk Club) – we made the 120 mile round trip for a singers night… definitely a bit of a long drive, but something we’re accustomed to doing for the sake of the music. John Taylor very kindly gave us two spots and we finished the night on a high with our double-ukulele songs ‘Folkie Lament’ and ‘Wild Rover parody’ havingĀ started the second half with ‘No Place On Earth’ and ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’. Perhaps we we were a bit early in venturing out with Val just getting over her cold coughs and sneezes, and both of us felt ticklish throats on the return leg of the journey…

It’s also for dinner and diet – we were treated to a lovely Chinese meal in Middlesbrough by Jimmy’s son, Lyndon – we dined on numerous favourite dishes (the crispy duck was especially delicious), and caught up on the details of his and our goings on. The following morning saw us both having gained a couple of pounds in weight, so we decided to be more diligent in our food choices and get more exercise… Val’s been out digging and weeding (the weeds seem to double in size every few days if they’re not kept in check).

D is for Digital and Download… our debut album ‘Best Friends’ is available not only in CD format but also as digital downloads of the entire album or individual tracks from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon mp3. Well, we’ve now added another digital outlet at VibeDeck – and they don’t deduct any commission so you can buy from them happy in the knowledge that payment goes direct to the artist (OK, so PayPal do take their percentage… but VibeDeck is still a better deal for us starving musicians).

And we’ve also been playing around with WordPress plugins so the jivacoustic site (this one, the one you’re reading) now shows on the right hand sideĀ a dinky little carousel of our digital picture uploads and there’s also a page where you can view full galleries and slideshows too!

That just about does it for today’s deliberations… so, until the next time, dear reader, the dynamic duo that is jiva are signing off.

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