11-Sep-2011 B Is For Bravo

Or Buddies… or Bam-burra…

And it’s also for blinking and bloodshot – Jimmy has now joined the ranks of contact lens wearers. The first few days were quite frustrating as putting something in/on your eyes isn’t the most natural thing to do, and then trying to take them out again at night meant poking around for what seemed like hours resulting in eyes that looked somewhat bloodshot. And don’t be offended if during a conversation he appears to be winking at you… he’s probably just trying to remember to blink occasionally!

B is for Buddies and Bam-burra… on Tuesday we went to Croxdale Folk Club to see friends Steve & Kristi Nebel from the USA who were guests opening the winter season following the club’s August break. They were as good as ever and, having listened to their super new CD ‘Tandem’, it was great to see them perform some of those songs live.

We took the the opportunity to give our newest song ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ its first folk club outing – it certainly didn’t seem out of place even though it’s only September.

Steve and Kristi played Dunfermline Folk Club the following day, then spent a few days with us just hanging out. We drove up to Holy Island and had a good chuckle about the pronunciation of place names here in the UK. For example – why is Alnwick pronounced Annick (not pronouncing the ‘L’) and Alnmouth pronounced as is it is spelled (ie including the ‘L’)? And then there’s the constant differences in …brough, and …borough, and …burgh, etc. For example – Bamburgh pronounced as Bam-burra. Driving home we passed a sign for Cambois (pronounced Cammus), and over a late night glass or two of wine and whisky we found lots of others too (eg Leicester pronounced Lesta and perhaps the best of all was Towcester pronounced Toasta).

What’s your best example of such pronunciation issues? Let us know.

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