04-Sep-2011 A Is For Alpha

Or Allan Taylor… or Anthony John Clarke…

It’s been a busy time for jiva, jivacoustic, jiva design, jiva media et al. Performing, writing (yes! songwriting…), blogging, video editing and publishing, artwork designing and printing, CD replication, proof-reading, web specifying and designing, relaxing (well, almost), tidying up and throwing out.

NEWSFLASH: A is also for:

Another new song in the jiva repertoire!

‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ just sort of happened – summer has been and gone, autumn is pressing, and it won’t be long until Christmas. For a long time we’ve wanted to add to our Christmas repertoire, but most of the songs and carols we tried just didn’t seem to do it for us… so, we wrote our own. Is September too early to sing this song out??? Who knows? Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

A is for Allan Taylor… Alan had suggested that we might video his performance at the Davy Lamp (9th July gone), and we were happy to oblige – albeit a little tentative about lighting and camera positioning in relation to audience enjoyment etc. He turned in a great performance and we captured it using two cameras and a direct audio feed from the mixing desk.

After synchronising the two video tracks and the sound tracks and some editing and fading and tweaking we were very happy with the results. Allan is happy with the clips we’ve shown him so far and we’ve agreed to ‘drip feed’ them to YouTube along with some videos that he had previously recorded in an Edinburgh studio.

We’ve loaded the first jiva media production to Allan’s YouTube channel – the video is at:

 Let us know what you think.

A is for Anthony John Clarke… we’ve been helping Anthony John with artwork design for a new project as well as a 6-pack CD set of some of his earlier albums. An absolute bargain – 6 CDs, around 80 tracks… that’s ‘Nearly an armful’! Take a look at his albums page:

We saw Anthony John at Ingleby Greenhow on 3rd September – he was in great form… accompanied by his wife Julia and Elizabeth Van der Waal (and some impromptu Clarkettes who shall be nameless). And the icing on the cake for us was when he encored with our own ‘One More Song’ – such a gentle and moving version.

Anthony John and Julia will be off on a USA and New Zealand tour soon – we wish them safe travels, much enjoyment and (to quote Dana and Susan Robinson) ‘Safe Home’.

2 thoughts on “04-Sep-2011 A Is For Alpha

  1. Beatrice

    I didn’t realise the videos of Allan Taylor at the Davy Lamp were a first – they look so professional I assumed you’d been doing this all along – looking forward to seeing more of them!

    1. jivauk Post author

      Thank you… glad you like the video. We’ve done another couple of songs ready for upload – Allan wants to make a new one available every month or two.

      He’s also recorded a series of songs in a professional studio, explaining his tunings and technique. The first of them is available now and, like the Davy Lamp Folk Club clips, we’ll be uploading more in the coming months.


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