29-Aug-2011 Happy

Not that we aren’t always happy… we are blessed with a wonderful life together.

August has been a long month – summer is passing by and we’ve barely had time to turn around, there’ve been so many things on the go… not just the music… in fact jiva music-related projects (writing, recording, videos etc) have all been struggling for time amid the seemingly constant demands on our time from commissioned projects.

  • We’re happy to say that we’re making headway, and are starting to tick things off as completed, or nearing so…
  • A CD replication and artwork design project is done
  • Another CD replication and packaging project is about 60% complete – we ended up buying a new printer for this job!
  • Val’s new PC is all set up and running at breakneck speed
  • Rejuvenated ‘Rio’ is performing beautifully
  • Jimmy’s first ‘over-60’ perk kicked in on Thursday – a free eyesight test… and he’s currently trialling contact lenses
  • Val celebrated a birthday (modesty prevents revealing a lady’s age)
  • Today we got the go-ahead for publication of a video production project

So, all in all, we’re getting there (wherever ‘there’ might be)… and, looking at our calendar, we can see that September is sure to be another very full month.

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