07-Aug-2011 Apprehensive

Still sad about ‘Rio’… we’re missing Jimmy’s guitar, there’s an empty guitar stand in the Blue Room. Understandably, we’re apprehensive about what Taylor may or may not find and what they may or may not do to put things right.

And then there’s the new purple, vibrant, happening look artwork for the jiva promotional material – in a previous blog 25-Jul-2011 Somewhere Over The Rainbow we mentioned the trials and tribulations of getting purple to actually print purple rather than blue. Well, we’ve invested in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (can’t really justify the cost of the full Photoshop) and have used it to tweak the colours, shifting the hue more to the red end of the spectrum.

On Monday we’ll take the PDF files to our printer and see how our A6 postcard, A4 flyer/poster, A5 and A3 display sign cards and laminated business cards turn out. Ooh, err… more apprehension.

There’s another thing that’s heavy on Jimmy’s mind (there’s always something, he’s such a worrier)… we’ve ordered a new computer for Val as her current one is showing it’s age. It’s a Dell 620MT desktop:

  • Intel i3 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • nVidia GeForce GT420 Dual Monitor 1 GB graphics card…





  • it’s PURPLE !!!

So why the apprehension? Well, firstly it has to get here safe and sound – online tracking shows its journey so far:

  • Lod, Poland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Koeln, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium

So it still has to make its way to the UK, and eventually to us. And then it has to be plugged in and set up… and then there’s the applications software (all properly purchased, licenced and registered of course!) to install, and then there’s some data to copy across (eg emails, accounts, contacts and calendar, jiva database etc). Jimmy is already planning and his brow is getting more furrowed by the minute.

Let’s hope next week’s blog journeys across the emotional divide from sad, past apprehension and into happy… see you on the other side?

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