25-Jul-2011 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

… skies are blue, or so goes the song.

But is it really blue? Or is it purple? Seemingly that depends on whether you’re using RGB or CMYK colourspace, and then there’s always Pantone to consider. Or when it comes to printing, WYS isn’t always WYG… it would seem that purple is probably the most difficult colour to reproduce, and there are at least 256 different shades of black… aaarrrggghhh.

We’d been through this when getting the album cover done for our ‘Best Friends’ CD and thought we had sussed it – but no, it gets much more complicated when you want a purple jiva logo printed on the same card that you have a purple backdrop and purple gilet etc in a photo.

Our original postcard-sized calling card [left] was a black background with purple text, and it printed OK.

The new version [right] has us dressed in our proper purple and black performing garb against our purple backdrop, and we have the same purple text. 

On the PC screen all looks as it should, but it seems impossible to get purple text AND purple background to print… the purples in the photo all come out blue.


If anyone can solve this we’d be eternally grateful.

3 thoughts on “25-Jul-2011 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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  2. jack burness

    it’s probably because the photo is screened and the text is solid colour. Try converting the jiva text to picture box and placing the purple from the back drop behind the Jiva logo as a picture/text box. this way they will at least match in colour. Alternatively cut out the two figures and place the same colour behind them as is used for the jiva logo.


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