18-Jul-2011 The Blues

It’s believed this expression came from “…an abbreviation of ‘blue devils’ — hallucinations, like pink elephants, popularly believed to accompany delirium tremens…the term blue in the sense of melancholy, depressed or despondent has been an element of slang, especially black slang, since midway through the past century…”

Hmmm… it’s been an odd sort of week – not much happening on the music front apart from one night which saw us doing support for Dana and Susan Robinson at Cramlington Folk Club. They are super musicians, songwriters and performers and they gave a great night at Cramlington. We look forward to seeing them again very soon at Rothbury Roots (alas, we’re not doing support there, so will be very appreciative fans/audience members).

So why blue? Val has been temping this week so four days out of five she was at work while Jimmy was at home. We’re not used to being apart┬áthat much and it’s strange and sort of not right not being at each other’s side.

Sitting at home in the Blue Room alone isn’t much fun – Jimmy even mused a blues song while feeling blue… not the pink elephants or delirium tremens thing, more the melancholy angle. Don’t know if it will ever see the light of day, working title is ‘My PC’s Writing Better Songs Than Me’… just about says it all right now.

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