05-Jul-2011 Purple Patch

http://www.phrases.org.uk/ defines purple patch as “An overly elaborate or effusive piece of writing. Also, a period of notable success or good luck.”  We leave it up to you to decide whether one or the other or both apply…

We’ve had some super musical outings of late – this week two in particular stand out.

The Christian Aid Concert in Morpeth was great (a hall full of people singing and clapping along to jiva [be-decked in the usual black and purple garb] was a sight and sound to behold!), money was raised for a good cause and everyone enjoyed a night of musical entertainment from Pipers Fancy, Valeria, jiva and Old English.

And today we are just back from an afternoon performance at a care home in Gosforth – a lovely place where we entertained residents with guitars, ukuleles, singing and a bit of fun banter thrown in for good measure. We finished just in time for the trolley to make its way in, and we said our goodbyes with promises to return again… we’re looking forward to it.

We are particularly indebted to Anthony John Clarke for the photo – he and Julia spotted this vehicle in Fort William and immediately thought of jiva… just the thing for transporting us and guitars and sound system, and room enough to sleep too, don’tcha think?

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