28-Jun-2011 Strawberries And Cream Without The Strawberries

Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned, hoped or expected. We’ve been playing our scheduled gigs in care homes and folk clubs – mostly in sweltering conditions, and our guest night on Guisborough just happened to be the hottest of the year… doors wide open to allow air circulation while we perspired on stage under the lights and gaze of the audience. A canny few days of music indeed.

And yesterday (yes, it was only yesterday) we took the day off from music and design and media projects and headed off to Scotland taking in the delights of Hawick, Selkirk and Galashiels before wending our way to Balerno Folk Club to see Allan Taylor… only to be told we’d arrived a day early!!!


So, somewhat bemused we drove home again – a round trip of some 238 miles… we hadn’t seen Allan, but we’d had a good day away from everything to clear our heads and blow away the cobwebs.

And yes, we’re heading back to Balerno now, just as soon as this blog is posted… we travel far afield to play and to see and hear good music.

Wimbledon is here again… and so, it seems that all of a sudden everyone wants strawberries and cream (and probably champagne too) – we wonder whether these things will become even more scarce as we inch closer and closer to finals, and more so if there’s a chance of a British Wimbledon champion.

Alternatively, if no Brit makes it to the final, we may be able to actually find said fruit in our local stores and supermarkets again – normal service may be resumed as soon as possible…

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