21-Jun-2011 Icing On The Cake

It’s nice to get away sometimes – different part of the country, different folk clubs, different faces, different songs and performers, do the touristy stuff, sightseeing, monuments, castles, countryside… all that kinda stuff packed into our recent ‘busman’s holiday’ expedition to Glocestershire and beyond.

But, y’know… it’s nice to be home again with the guitars and ukes in their familiar spots in The Blue Room with the Bose L1 nestled in between them (we had taken Ralph – our AER Alpha Plus – with us, and we did use him a couple of times while we were away).

And it’s enjoyable to renew old acquaintances with local folk clubs, care homes, charities and specialist groups. The icing on that particular cake was to play for the Nifty Fifties group in the Arts Centre at Washington – we took the Bose along, thinking that it would be in a bar area or a small room, but were surprised to find a large barn-type area, fabulous high ceiling, lovely stage and complete lighting rig etc. We were delighted to sing and play and give our presentation on jiva the acoustic singing/songwriting duo, background information on our songs, songwriting methods, inspirations, pitfalls, highs and lows (mostly highs) of what we do. The audience were lovely and the Bose was perfectly suited to this kind of venue – crystal clarity throughout without being too loud even right next to it – an absolute pleasure all round.

Are meringues cakes? Raspberries with meringue is very yummy… add some cream and it’s even yummier, some ice cream adds even more to the yummieness, and a dollop or two of greek style yoghurt would seem the perfect topping… but wait – add a squidge of honey and lightly dust with cinnamon and you really do have the icing on the cake (am I right, or a meringue???… it works well in Geordie, not sure about other languages/dialects).

And this week sees two more Bose-equipped gigs for jiva – Scarborough Court Care Home in Cramlington (it’s big, very big) and our guest night at Guisborough Folk Club on Sunday 26th. Yummie indeed! And then there’s the Christian Aid Concert in Morpeth coming up, but that’s the week after.

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