05-May-2011 Something In The Air

No, not the Thunderclap Newman song… but, but, but:

Another new song in the jiva repertoire!

We started writing ‘No Place On Earth’ a month or two ago, and a recent small change around in the bridge gave it the necessary tweak to promote it to a live performance contender. Some will see it as an Eco- Warrior Tree-Hugging song, others will see it as a personal dig… c’est la vie, we seem to be stirring up emotions with our latest additions – most people absolutely love them while one or two others… don’t.

We were at Netherton Folk Club on Saturday to see Anthony John Clarke, and while we were tuning up he jammed along with it – not quite a public performance, but enough to ensure that it had it’s official debut at Foggy Furze Folk Club in Hartlepool on the Tuesday.

Netherton was a wonderful night with Anthony John on great form – we all loved it… and he ended the night with our very own ‘One More Song’, inviting Val then Jimmy up to play along and sing it with him. Jack Wilkinson (club organiser) also does ‘One More Song’, and it wasn’t long before Jack joined us… and then Jim Wigfield… and Mike Jessop… and Ann Brown on accordion… and to top it all, Julia (AJ’s lovely wife) got her accordion out too and played as she walked the length of the village hall to join us for a finale that will be long remembered by all.

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