14-Apr-2011 One Step At A Time

We’ve just completed one recording project – CD replication and artwork done, discs awaiting collection.

Another recording project is awaiting the final artwork approval, and then we can send off the master audio CD and artwork for replication.

A third recording project is stalled while waiting for the performer to get through some medical stuff before resuming recording.

A longstanding web design project is almost there – we’re just about to upload the latest draft for approval.

A new web design commission is slowly taking shape.

Two WordPress site commissions are at early design stage.

Another recording commission is in the pipeline and we’ve been asked to do some videos for a performer friend too…¬†exciting, and very busy, times ahead!

And somewhere in among that we’ve found time to do a couple of performances using our new AER Alpha Plus acoustic amp… it just works, we love the slight lift it gives in smaller, more intimate venues… it feels as natural as the Bose L1 does in larger places.

And we’ve even started thinking about our next album – planning to start recording in the second half of this year (assuming we can clear the decks of current projects)… watch this space!

Taylor Guitars roadshow on Monday!!! Can’t wait!!!

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