07-Apr-2011 Small Is Beautiful

After countless hours of research and experimentation we believe we’ve found the answer to our dilemma of how to provide quality amplification in small intimate venues where even our beloved Bose L1 Model 2 system might be a little on the large side.

We’ve tried two condenser mics on a T stand to pick up the ambient sound – nope… couldn’t get enough gain before feedback.

We’ve tried the Bose L1 Compact system – nope… we had to seriously re-EQ Jimmy’s 6-string Taylor 910CE-L7 to overcome the bass boom in proximity to the Compact and, try as we might, we couldn’t get it right. It was either too shallow or too boomy, and there didn’t seem to be a sweet spot.

Big thanks to Sonic Distribution for the loan of a stereo matched pair of SE Electronics SE4 microphones, and to Bose for the loan of an L1 Compact system. It’s refreshing to find companies that are willing to do this – great faith in their products and trust in customers past and future.

A lot of shops could learn from this – customer service goes a helluva long way to securing business, and repeat business, and word of mouth from satisfied customers is a great recommendation.

We’ve been very happy with the service and products from GuitarGuitar (we’ve bought Taylor and Bose gear from them in the past) – today we popped in to our local  branch (Newcastle) and came out with an AER Alpha Plus acoustic amp. As soon as we got home we powered up our Bose T1 ToneMatch mixers, and plugged the T1 master output to the Channel 1 input of the AER, set the gain and started playing and singing… wow! For such a diminutive amp (10.4 inches high, by 13 inches wide by 9.25 inches deep) it effortlessly filled the Blue Room with an amazingly clear and accurate sound.

AER Alpha Plus


One thought on “07-Apr-2011 Small Is Beautiful

  1. Steve Robson

    Great to hear you got the sound issues sorted out and AER make seriously wonderful kit, I’m sure you’ll sound great through the new gear!
    Of course, this leap to the electric darkside will mean you have to write another verse to ‘Folkie Lament’, perhaps along the lines of
    “Singin’ in the folk club, not through a bose”?


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