24-Mar-2011 Gently Does It

Still recovering from the cough/cold/flu bug – Jimmy’s not quite out of it yet, and Val is still in early stages of recovery… therefore more performances have been re-scheduled. BUT…

Friday 25 March we’re planning on our first public outing in over two weeks – Woodhorn Colliery Museum (Ashington) Thank Folk It’s Friday, we’re doing the hour-long performance starting at 14:00 (2 pm)… it would be good to see you there.

So far it’s been a slow week – resting with lemon and honey drinks and some gentle walking in the sunshine to clear the germs out! We’ve managed to play and sing a little, but are being careful not to push the voices too far too fast. Gently does it… the jiva tagline ‘a gentle blend’ is very much in evidence.

We’re looking at options for a small/compact amplification method for smaller gigs and care homes. We initially thought that using a pair of good mics to capture the overall ambient sound might do the trick, but that didn’t work out. Now we’re playing with a Bose L1 Compact system (on loan from Bose UK – thanks guys!), and then perhaps something like a small AER acoustic amp.

Any suggestions on how we can achieve a slight lift to the sound while maintaining the intimate ambience of an up-close acoustic setting? All ideas will be gratefully received, researched, hopefully tried, and eventually we may have the answer!

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