17-Mar-2011 Coughs And Sneezes

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – so the saying goes… and one can’t be too careful about spreading germs.

This week has therefore seen severe curtailment in social and performance activities as Jimmy recovers from whatever ‘Man Flu’ variant he’s been suffering from, but Val seems to have caught the bug too… and is a few days behind Jimmy on the timeline… sigh.

Two gigs have therefore been re-scheduled,¬†projects requiring face to face contact will slip slightly, but we’re able to move forward things that we can do in ‘isolation’.

What with Sandalwood and Tea Tree and Vicks and Tyrozets and Whisky Toddies… we’re doing our best to beat the bug.

We’re looking forward to things picking up next week – an interesting music-related chapter may develop from Monday 21st… we’ll have to wait and see!

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