25-Feb-2011 When The Going Gets Tough

Sometimes things conspire to turn out not quite as planned… but the old saying of ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’ has a ring of truth to it.

We lost out on two performances this week – one because the bookings organiser had left and his replacement knew nothing of it, and the other where we actually turned up only to find they’d double-booked! Ah well, one has already been re-scheduled and the other one is still to be sorted.

This sort of thing happens occasionally, even to professional friends of ours – and we just have to not let it get to us too much. Mistakes happen – mend it and move on.

And then expected courier deliveries don’t arrive when planned, but a word with the right helpful person smooths things somewhat – so we’ll be waiting for UPS to call tomorrow!

On top of all this, technology conspired to cause problems and consume many hours trying to fix a WordPress/website problem… not sorted yet but, once again, friendly persistent and very clever people are on the case.

Let’s hope normal service will be resumed soon… Fingers crossed.

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