21-Jan-2011 And All That Jazz

Finally – after research, lugging guitar cases around until muscles ache, test drives and soul searching – we decided on our next car. Yup, another Honda Jazz… 

Very few cars had the body width to allow guitars in cases to be stacked out of site in the boot or hatchback, of those very few had seats that folded totally flat with sufficient floor space, and of those very few gave reasonable side door access to allow loading without contorting one’s body to the point of pain (even those with sliding doors).  That left us with only two options – either a large 7-seater MPV or a nearly new Honda Jazz (current Jazz models don’t have enough internal width at the back).

We’ve signed on the dotted line and hope to have the car in the next week or so.

No, you won’t be seeing a new jiva ‘tour bus’… and we don’t play jazz, but we will be driving another one.

Next question – which sat nav?

Garmin Nuvi?
Something else?

Suggestions please…

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